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Inspiring people to get outside.

 Life Outside is more than just an outdoor lifestyle brand, we are a movement. 

After our first trip to The Rocky Mountains of Alberta, our lives were immediately changed forever. We knew the charge that we felt from nature was not only a tangible feeling, but it’s a feeling that lit a fire in us to inspire others immerse themselves in the outdoors, and encourage everyone to protect the few truly wild places left on earth. 

We genuinely believe when people spend time in nature, they fall in love with it, and people protect what they love. We want to inspire everyone to live an adventure filled life outside, so that everyone might learn to respect nature and do their part in protecting it.

Life Outside commits 10% of our profits from every product sold on this site to facilitating the creation of a National Park for Iceland’s Highlands region which is in dire need of protection against hydro interests threatening to deface the wilderness. 

*To learn more about this, sign the petition, or donate to this cause, click here *