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Ryan Richardson

 Founder / Creative Director

Ryan Richardson is a self-taught photographer / filmmaker specializing in outdoor lifestyle and adventure. Ryan’s passion for the outdoors has been fuelled by the adventurous people who can be found in the far corners of the earth, relentlessly pursuing their sport… and their craft… just as Ryan pursues his own.  Ryan’s professional work has been featured in National Geographic Landscape, Canadian Geographic, Sony, Discovery, The Outdoor Journal and Fstoppers. In 2017 Ryan and his Partner Hailey Playfair launched Life Outside Studio, a small footprint, media production company. Since 2017, Life Outside Studio has produced media from the deserts of Africa to the glaciers of Alaska. In 2018, The duo introduced Life Outside “Online” where they share their own stories, along with stories of their friends, heroes, and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

Hailey Playfair

Founder / Lead Editor

Hailey is an accomplished adventure and outdoor lifestyle photographer, she is the Co-Founder of Life Outside Studio, and is wildly passionate about the outdoors. Her work has brought her all around the globe, specifically to some of the most remote places in Iceland and Canada’s North. Hailey has learned that working in the outdoors isn’t always the easiest, but it’s the most rewarding. Interests include Hiking, backpacking, running, and general fitness and well-being. When she’s not outside, Hailey can be found preparing for her next big adventure by beating herself up in the gym, dehydrating plant based backpacking meals, and spreading the message of living a vegan lifestyle while pursuing a living in the great outdoors.

Leanne Richardson

Editor / Contributor Manager

Leanne is an accomplished ultra-trail runner having completed multiple 50+km races, 100km races and her personal favourite multi-day stage races!  Leanne is passionate about challenging herself with big goals that excite her, and scare her at the same time… she made a promise to herself years ago to never say “no” out of fear, but instead, count the cost of her decisions and if “YES”, then give it 100%! Her happy place is out on the trails learning more about herself and about those crazy enough to get out and run long distance with her. She is a natural encourager and loves to come alongside others to discover their dreams, help them set goals and then chase after them! As a mid-pack runner she feels she can relate to the “average” runner taking on extraordinary dreams! She knows that with a goal, a commitment, a plan and a belief in oneself we truly can accomplish anything we set our minds to!