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Ryan Richardson
Adventure Photography Workshop

A Blueprint to Getting Your Dream Clients. Attract The Outdoor Industries Top Brands.


Join my free masterclass where you will learn how to attract your dream clients in the outdoor industry!

If you’re an amateur photographer who wants to go pro or a pro photographer who wants to attract bigger and better clients, I’m here to help!

This FREE workshop will teach you what your dream clients are looking for, steps you can take to get them to look at you, best practices for pitching projects, and free templates that have used to successfully acquire some of the outdoor industries biggest brands. 

I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry including MEC, ARC’TERYX, F-STOP GEAR, OSPREY, GARMIN, SONY, YUKON TOURISM, ALBERTA TOURISM and more.

I’m going to pull from my real world experience and share with you how I learned to anticipate what these brands are looking for and how to effectively pitch them – ultimately making them your clients.

Ryan Richardson