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This blog is our outlet, it’s a place to connect with you, to share our experiences, and learn from others.

– Ryan Richardson & Hailey Playfair

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Life Outside Studio is the David and Goliath of media production. Our approach is fast and light, while our projects our larger than life. Instead of getting bogged down in the field, we’re blazing the trail. Executive producer Ryan Richardson has built his life around the outdoors. Director of Photography Hailey Playfair is more comfortable on a knife’s edge mountain ridge than her living room. The ambitious duo have trekked self-supported across Iceland to film for conservation, chased athletes across the entire Namib desert for education,  swam underwater with orca for sustainable tourism, filmed run-and-gun ultra-stage races around the world for philanthropic NGO’s. You don’t accomplish any of these things without constantly pushing the envelope. Using these hard earned experiences, Ryan and Hailey drive Life Outside Studio, and its’ projects toward authenticity, and genuine relationships. 

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