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Life Outside Online is for photographers and adventurers who work and play outside. This site is filled knowledge I earned in the field first-hand. Plan your next photography trip with my photo & travel guides. Prepare for your next adventure with honest gear reviews, where I really put my gear through the ringer. Learn how to level-up your business with my comprehensive freelance & business articles. Master your photography with free tech tips. Most of all, enjoy a fulfilling life outside.

My name is Ryan Richardson. I’m the owner and executive producer of Life Outside Studio, a video production company specializing in the outdoor industry. I’m also a photographer, writer and entrepreneur. Life Outside Online is the culmination of over 10 years of working as an outdoor industry professional.

Adventure Photographer Ryan Richardson has built his life around being outside. Turning passion into occupation, Ryan’s unique vision for authentic storytelling has granted him the opportunity to travel the world creating photos and videos for the biggest names in the outdoors. Ryan’s  photos and videos have been featured on National Geographic Adventure, Canadian Geographic, Discovery Channel, and more.  Highlighted projects include filming for sustainable tourism while swimming with orca in the arctic, trekking 420km self-supported across Iceland for conservation initiatives, and creating educational doc-series for NGO’s in the world’s most remote regions like Namibia and New Zealand.    

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