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It’s taken six years and over ten thousand kilometres but I think we’ve finally found the 10 best hiking pants money can buy. These pants have found their way on all kinds of hiking adventures. From day trips to the foothills to week-long excursions in the alpine. These are our favourite, in no particular order!

Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights

These trekking tights have reinforced knees and butt pads. The extra material on heavy wear spots is great for longer hikes in the alpine or backpacking trips where you might be on your knees and butt a lot. The tights are generally a lot tougher than other tights out there. Most tights wouldn’t last a day in some of the hiking abuse that these tights can tolerate.

Arc’teryx Gamma LT

The Gamma LT are an absolute workhorse! I honestly thought these were indestructible after putting over a thousand km in them in just one summer. Later that year I kick a crampon spike through them. No pant would have survived my poorly aimed kick. I manage to puncture just a small hole through them. Besides that, they still look brand new almost five years later!

Eddie Bauer Guide Pro

These are basically a more economical version of the Arc’teryx Gamma Lt. Honestly, we can hardly tell the difference. At the end of the day, they’re both 100% nylon. The main difference being the price tag. You can buy yourself two Guide Pro for the price of one Gamma Lt. I’d make that trade all day.

Patagonia Terrebonne Joggers

Yoga pants comfort meet outdoor hiking pants durability. These are seriously great. They’re not quite at tough as the Fjallraven Trekking Tights but they’re a little bit more comfortable. I guess there’s always some kind of trade to be made, isn’t there?

Fjallraven Abisko Lite

If I was stranded on a desert island with only one pair of trousers for the rest of my life, it would be these. First of all, they’re seriously comfortable. They’re also easily the most versatile pant on this list. You could wear these with a liner in the winter and wear them all summer thanks to the thigh zippers. They’re the perfect balance of tough, yet comfy, durable, yet lightweight.

Fjallraven Midsummer Trousers

The Midsummer trousers are more like a really lightweight pair of the Keb pants from Fjallraven than anything else! These are more lightweight than our favourites, the Abisko. They’re also a little bit more comfortable. If you’re looking for a summer specific hiking pant, these are it!


Prana Zion Pant

Great pants for the price. These can pass as more casual pants for wearing in the city or mountain towns. I’m not sure if I would choose these for multi-day hiking or really hot days in the mountains but they’re a great option for day hikes or more casual terrain.

Arc’teryx Gamma SL

When the Gamma SL first came out three summers ago, I destroyed three pairs within weeks. They hadn’t quite figured out how to make the pants so lightweight yet have some semblance of durability. They seem to have finally fixed that now. I honestly still don’t think I would go for these for most of my mountain adventures but they make great climbing pants, and general outdoor pants for days that you’re not going to be too hard on your pants.

DUER Adventure Pants

The DUER Adventure pants are my go-to camping pants. I wear them on most of my casual mountain days. I hike in these Adventure pants all the time and they’re really comfortable so it’s always a good choice. I wouldn’t recommend them for hardcore scrambling, or overnight trips. They’re not very quick to dry and they’re just not quite as durable as I’d like for extended trips in the backcountry.

MEC Terrena Pants

These pants are kind of “vanilla” but honestly they’re great! The price is right, the fight is overall pretty good. The colour selection isn’t great for females. They can be a little masculine but it is what it is!


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  1. Thank you for sharing, Ryan. Brands such as Fjallraven, I am not at all familiar with. So it was great to read about them. A tremendous cross section to help a person choose according to durability, comfort as well as price. 😀

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