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I offer this service to all of my photography clients and in the past 3 years that I’ve had almost all of my photography jobs include this too! I didn’t realize how much additional business this generated for me until I took it seriously. I hope you see the value of adding this service among your existing offerings as a photographer.

If you’re setup to shoot photography, then you’re already setup to shoot video. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to just get started. When I started my professional photography journey, I didn’t realize how easily I could include videography services to my clients.

I’m glad I did! Ever since I started offering video services, my bottom line has tripled from what it was when I only shot photos. It’s also opened a ton of doors for me that never would have opened if I stuck with ONLY photos. There’s more benefits than just extra business too.

I’ve found that recording videos has also helped me approach my photography differently. I look at compositions different now than I did before. I approach landscapes differently. I’m able to see the bigger picture a little bit better. I think this is especially true for editorial style. Video helps you pay attention to the details in your shots more. Various angle, perspectives, details that might otherwise not feel as “noteworthy” in the moment.

It’s also going to open up your network in positive ways. You’ll be able to sub-contract additional video roles or photography roles as you take on more involved projects. The more hands you have on deck, the better for everyone involved!

Why haven’t you started shooting video yet? I challenge you to give it a shot for 1 year. I’ll be surprised if you don’t thank me later.

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