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I work hard to do what I love. I think most of us do! Regardless of if it’s something we “love” or not. It’s taken a really long time and it’s something I’ll probably be working on forever, but here are my thoughts on work/life balance and my approach!

Sometimes I feel like I lead two lives in total contradiction. One is all work and no play, the other is all fun and no responsibility. For me, striking a balance in both arenas has become more and more important. I want to do this career for a really long time. So I need to start implementing some safeguards to ensure it’s sustainable.

Yes you can burnout doing what you love, and yes it’s also easy not to do enough if you’re not disciplined. Just because you’re following your passions doesn’t mean you’re not working your ass off. Here are a few ideas I’ve had for striking a better work/life balance.

Weather is a big one for me. The forecast is already a big determining factor for what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, and where. So if it’s raining in the city for a week straight, I might plan to lean into the admin work and screen time. There’s no sense wasting good days on screen time, so I tend to double down on rainy days.

The next tip is learning to take advantage of the good stuff. Often my commercial shoots are really early. I might start a day at 4am, shoot from 6-10am, then wrap the shoot once the light gets too harsh. Finishing a shoot day around 10am isn’t so bad. If the weather is nice, I might just use that time to go play in the mountains rather than do the “work thing”.

Conversely, if there’s a play day that lines up some great opportunities to get some bonus work done, why not? Let’s say I have an objective to go out and run this trail or bike this mountain. If I finish playing and then the light gets really good, why not create some epic photos or go chase the clouds with a drone during sunset, record a vlog, etc.

Striking that perfect balance is tough, and the recipe to getting their will always be a little different for everyone. I think the common factor will be intention. Nothing in the world gets done without intention. If you’re aware of your goals and you design some safeguards, I think you’ll come pretty close to striking that perfect balance too.

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