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There are so many crucial steps in creating an image that I’m proud to share. From the original concept, to the creation of the composition, capturing the image, post processing, and finally the presentation. The presentation of a complete photograph is the most critical step of photography for me.

The problem with sharing your photos digitally is that you have no control over the display that the viewer is seeing your image on. The only way to have complete control over the viewing experience of your photographs is to have your images printed.

Picking the right printer is also important. It’s harder than you might think. Your printer needs to perfectly replicate you digital file, bringing the exact colours and editing choices to life in the physical space.

At Rag & Carbon we know that photographers put a great deal of time and effort into getting that colour, that contrast absolutely perfect.

Harrison Koyman

Having my photos in the real world is so much more exciting than seeing them on a small digital screen. Seeing as most of my photos are of massive outdoor landscapes, it’s impossible to grasp a lot of the elements that make up the photos on small displays.

The viewing experience of a large print over a phone or a laptop is night and day. A print of a photo also invites the viewing to slow down and appreciate the subtle elements that make the photos unique. That’s difficult to do on a device where we’re all seeing thousands of images every single day.

Shooting for prints has also changed and benefited my photography in general. There’s an additional responsibility to make your photos great and ensure that you’re doing the location and the subject matter justice. Taking photos for the internet is pretty low stakes. However taking a photo that might take space on your wall, or someone else’s wall at home is a huge responsibility.

I think in a lot of ways prints are like the record players of our day. Sure there are more efficient ways to appreciate music in 2021 but there is no greater way to experience the quality of a song than listening to it on an old record. Prints are the same in a lot of ways. If you truly want to appreciate the quality, and the effort the photographer put into his work… It can really only be achieved by viewing the image on a print.

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