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After two winter seasons of pretty rigorous use here in the Canadian Rockies, I fell as though I’ve used my Hestra Army Leather Gore-tex gloves enough to write an honest and hopefully insightful review.

Hestra’s army leather gore-tex glove will undoubtable stand up to whatever you throw at it. The palm leather is incredibly tough. The gore-tex liner is extremely effective at keeping your hands dry and blocking biting winds. The fleece liner is cozy and will keep your hands dry. The thermolite insulation is very effective and warm even in -30 temps. The sizing fits true to size – (9 being medium, 10 smaller-large, 11 mid-large etc). The leather is Hestra’s most durable leather, army goat leather. The glove is available in two colours, black and light grey. The cost here in Canada is $250.

I’ve had my Hestra army leather Gore-tex short gloves save my hands from frost-bite more times than I can count. Especially after this seasons brutal cold snap. I was out shooting and adventuring some nights at -45 with the windchill. Being a photographer, I find myself frequently removing my hands from my gloves to do intricate things like change my camera lenses or play with camera settings. It’s important to have gloves warm enough that they can immediately provide substantial protection to my often freezing hands.


The army leather Gore-tex short gloves work great in unbearable temperatures without the need for additional liners. I find the gloves are sufficient even in the coldest temperatures without additional layering. If you do plan to use an additional liner, I might size up just one size. Like I said, they do fit true to size without too much extra room.

Dexterity might be the gloves only draw back. I can typically keep the gloves on for fastening buckles, donning crampons and playing with zippers etc. For more intricate things like changing camera lenses though, I do have to remove my gloves. I might consider other gloves If I were strictly an outdoor photographer, and I didn’t also participate in so many winter based activities and adventures. However, I do find the Hestra army leather Gore-tex short gloves strike the perfect balance for me.

These gloves will be your go-to for almost all your winter adventuring. Whether it be snowshoeing, skiing, wild-skating, winter camping, ice fishing, the list goes on and on. I typically consider most of my winter gear completely essential. Ultimately, if it keeps me warm and all of my limbs in-tact – it’s essential to me. The Hestra army leather Gore-tex short glove is definitely one of the essential items.

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