Fat Biking Through Jasper’s Incredible Winter Landscapes (VIDEO)

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Winter in the Canadian Rockies can be very inconsistent. The weather is all over the place. The temperature outside will directly affect all your activities.

I was hoping to wild skate on frozen lakes and explore Maligne Canyon covered in ice. However, the weather was too mild to do either activity. So instead, I tried fat biking!

Local shops rent for an average of about $50/day. After renting a bike in town, my partner Hailey and I set off for the hills!

The great thing about fat biking in Jasper is that you can start your tour right from downtown and be in total wilderness in minutes.

We headed to Pyramid Chairs first. First following trail 15 up Pyramid Lake road. And then hopping onto trail 2a then 2b, and 2j. The trails all kind of spider web into each other. There’s not really a “wrong” way to go.

The elevation up to the Pyramid Chairs area was mostly gradual and really manageable. Once the trees open up, you can see how much elevation you’ve gained with fairly little effort.

The December sun sets fast this far north so we decided to head back down the hill and checkout our next destination before it got too dark.

We biked back through town – stopping for a quick espresso – and continued to old fort point. The trails here run along the Athabasca river. There’s no real elevation gain or loss, just a nice ride with some beautiful scenery around every turn.

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The Japser trail system makes it really east to know where you are and what trail you’re on at all times. There are plenty of numbers on the trees which correspond to the numbers on your provided map with your fat bike rental.

It’s a great system to go from knowing nothing about the area, to taking a huge chunk out of it fairly quickly. It’s also a great introduction into fat biking and gaining some experience with a brand new activity.

If there were ever a place to give fat biking a try, it’s Jasper Alberta.


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