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A lot of pro and amateur photographers alike have tons photography equipment and gear. Finding gifts for photographers can be overwhelming, we’re here to help!

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap $67

I actually have three of these straps. So even if the photographer in your already has one, I can personally vouch that they can use one more.

Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis $18

Everybody should read this book, especially a photographer though! Chase Jarvis as adventure photographer – entrepreneur and his stories are guaranteed to light a fire of inspiration!

F-Stop Gear Ajna Backpack $340

Even if the photographer in your life already has a camera bag, it isn’t this one. The Ajna backpack is the Cadillac of outdoor photography packs. It climbs, hikes, overnights, travels, you name it.

Paul Nicklen’s Born to Ice $78

Photographers are usually pretty focused on their own work. However, there are legendary photographers out there who have the power to inspire almost everybody. Paul Nicklen is such a photographer. Born to Ice is his life’s work, and it’s an incredible one.

Jimmy Chin’s Master Class $120

The camera wielding legend behind the Free Solo documentary has an in depth and incredibly valuable course on masterclass.com. Learning from a living legend has never been so easy.

DJI Osmo Action $366

The first action camera with a forward facing screen. This action cam takes selfies to an entirely new level.

Hydro-Flask Thermos $57

First rule of photography – coffee first.

Micro SD Cards $50

If there were anything a photographer couldn’t have enough of, micro SD cards is it.

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