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Get your energy and motivation back to an all time high this winter with some these 6 quick tips for getting rid of the winter blues.

Running After Sundown

A Runner’s Headlamp Lights the Way at 3 Beavers Ultra Event in Gatineau.

When the sun starts dipping behind the horizon, I can’t help but feel sleepy. The thing is, when it’s only 5pm, I can’t just stop functioning for the rest of the day until I crawl into bed. I’ve noticed a huge boost in my mood and my energy levels when I shock my system. I’ll lace up and head out for a cold weather run just as the sun is setting to remind my body the day still isn’t over yet.

There’s nothing like moving your body and having freezing cold wind hit your face for half an hour to give you a boost of energy. I always have more energy in the morning so typically I do weight training indoors first thing in the morning, and save my “winter blues” run for just before dinner time.

Start New Evening Hobbies

Having something to look forward to near the end of the night has a way of keeping my mind busy and looking forward to a reward later in the day. It’s tough to stay motivated throughout the later part of the day when the sun has been down for hours already.

Getting all my chores done and then going for a late night session at the climbing gym really gives me something to look forward to and gives me an excuse to get out of the house. Something like climbing also gives you the added benefit of socializing with other energetic people. Energy feeds energy!

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Changing Your Perspective

Yamnuska Mountain Guide Demonstrates Ice Climbing to Beginner Climbers at the SOICE Festival in Northern Ontario.

Calgary sees a lot of change in light from summer solstice to winter solstice. In the summer we have 16+ hours of daylight and in the winter less than 8 hours. That’s nothing compared to Tromso Norway where we went swimming with killer whales last year though. Tromso has its’ final sundown of the year in late November and doesn’t see the sun again until spring.

If there’s something I learned from traveling to Tromso, It’s that perspective is everything. The northern community can’t wait for winter. Their winter culture is practically out of a fairytale. Northern lights are a regular occurrence, street festivals and parties are happening constantly. Skiing is part of some of the 70000 residence’s daily commute. Practically every cafe and store is a cozy winter wonderland.

If there was a less preferred season in Trmoso, it would be summer.

Chase Summer

Perspective is important but there’s something to be said about geography too. If winter really just isn’t your thing, chase summer. I don’t mean vacationing in Cuba or Mexico. I mean hopping on a plane to the southern hemisphere where summer is in full swing.

The past two years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend half of my winters in the southern hemisphere’s summer season. I love winter, but sometimes it’s loved best in small doses. Summer doesn’t have to be months away, it can be hours away!

Dream Board

MEC Participant Runs Through the Finish Line After Local Calgary Marathon.
Do You Have What it Takes to Take on a Multi-day Stage Race

Every dream needs a plan. Think of a goal or a dream that you’d wish to do or accomplish in the spring or summer. Next, create a plan on how you’ll accomplish that goal throughout the winter season. Example, running your first marathon. Sign up for a spring race and train your ass off all winter with your dream in mind.

Perhaps your goal is having more free time in the summer season to travel or explore. Give yourself four months to make it happen. Maybe that mean picking up extra shifts, or diversifying your income.

Start a Blog

Maybe a distraction or an occupied mind is all you need to keep your spirits up throughout winter. I started this blog just over a year ago now. Since, I’ve created almost 100 articles and now I even contribute to other blogs and even magazines.

This blog has provided me with a place to journal my thoughts and share them with you. I’ve also noticed that I’m drawn to it more and more when winter arrives. I think it’s natural to spend more time inside and curl up next to the fire with some hot chocolate and whiskey when it’s -30 outside.

My blog allows me to do this guilt free. I feel like I can still contribute, add some value to others, and have fun, all while resting up indoors.

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