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5 Breathtaking Hiking Trails Near Toronto

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There’s a reason most outdoor inclined individuals move from Toronto to cities like Calgary or Vancouver. We’re all bombarded with imagery of breathtaking hiking trails out west in our news feeds. However, Is it possible we’re just not looking hard enough in our own backyard? Here’s a list of 5 breathtaking hiking trails near Toronto.

Niagara Glen Trails.

Woman stands at lookout near Niagara Glen hiking trails.

Where: Niagara Glen Conservation Area.
Distance from Toronto: 1 hour 20 minutes.
Trail length:
Intersecting trails, 0-1.5 km with the option to hop on other trails.
Optional activities nearby:
Checkout the Niagara Falls. Stay overnight and enjoy the night life in Niagara after a long day of hiking.

Niagara Glen is located 1 hour 20 minutes south of Toronto and boasts some of the most scenic trails in the entire province! There are tons of short yet incredible hikes in the area. River trail, cliffside trail, and terrace trail are our favourites.

The Bruce Trail – Peninsula Section

Two hikers on the Bruce Trail hiking trail.

Where: Bruce Peninsula National Park.
Distance from Toronto: 3 hours 30 minutes.
Trail length: Up to 160 km.
Optional activities nearby: Make it a multi-day hike and camp on the trail overnight. Checkout the Grotto trail while you’re in the area.

The entire Bruce Trail is a massive trail starting at the northern tip of the Niagara escarpment in the Bruce Peninsula running all the way south eventually ending in Niagara. The 160 km section in the peninsula is by far the most breathtaking. We recommend starting at Tobermory and hiking south to Crane Lake. Break it up into two or three days and stay at one of the three wilderness camping sites along the way.

The Bruce Trail Training for Coming Up ECT.

The Grotto Trail.

The Grotto hiking trail.

Where: Bruce Peninsula National Park
Distance from Toronto: 3 hours 30 minutes.
Trail length:
1 km one way.
Optional activities nearby:
Visit more breathtaking trails in the area.

This one is almost cheating because it’s only a short detour off of the Bruce Trail listed above. However, we think it deserves it’s own recognition on this list because of how breathtaking it is. It’s worth the drive from Toronto just for this one short day hike if you ask us.

Sedona’s Best Running Trails.

Nassagaweya Trail.

Hiker stands at lookout near hiking trails.

Where: Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area.
Distance from Toronto: 50 minutes.
Trail length:
4.7 km one way.
Optional activities nearby:
Overnight camping with beautiful campsites and a generally quiet location.

Rattlesnake point has an absolutely breathing lookout. On a clear day you can see all the way to Niagara. The Nassagaweya trail walks along the niagara escarpment with great views and fantastic trails. The Bruce Trail actually intersects this trail as well. Hundreds of kilometres from where it first started in the peninsula.

Headwaters Trail.

Man running on hiking trails.

Where: Dundas Valley Conservation Area.
Distance from Toronto: 55 minutes.
Trail length:
10.5 km loop.
Optional activities nearby:
Visit downtown Hamilton for the best coffee in Ontario at Phin Coffee Bar.

The Dundas valley conservation area is home to 40 km of trails! It’s hard to pick a favourite trail. Try them all over the course of a few days. Or leave the heavy backpack at home and try running some of them to cover some extra distance!

What’s your favourite breathtaking hiking trail? Is it on our list? If not, comment below so we can check it out!

Photos by Ryan Richardson.

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