Crossing Iceland Expedition

We’re Taking You With Us on Our Journey Across Iceland’s Highlands

We're using 360° cameras to capture Iceland's Highlands in a VR film. Taking you with us on our adventure. Crossing the country through the highlands.

Iceland wants to protect all 40,000 sq. kilometres of the Iceland’s highlands. The country hopes to preserve the its’ dynamic wilderness with the conception of a national park. Hailey and I are going to walk across the entire country from coast to coast to show the world why this proposed national park is so critical. And we’re taking you with us.

Iceland's Highlands with green moss and black volcanic sand.
Volcanic landscape in Lakagigar, Iceland highlands

The Most Immersive Experience on Earth.

Film is the most immersive experience humans can have without actually living the moment for themselves. Well that was true, until virtual reality made the experience even more tangible.

We’re bringing 360° Cameras on our trek across the Iceland’s highlands. The 400 kilometre trek will span approximately over 20 days. Starting on the north shore of the country and ending on the south shore. Our route through the highlands was strategically planned to hit some of the central highlands most dynamic and extreme landscapes in the entire country.

To learn more about Iceland’s Highlands National Park Initiative Click Here.

Experience the remote Icelandic Highlands like never before.

It is our goal to virtually bring everybody with us on this experience. To visually and tangibly show everyone why one of Europe’s last wild places deserves to be protected. All 40,000 square kilometres of it. We want you to experience the highs, the lows, the extremes, and the mundane moments with us.

Expansive views, claustrophobic canyons, lava fields, steam pools, glaciers, deserts, ice caps. These are just a few of the extremely dynamic landscapes and geographical features you will be experiencing with us.

Capturing it all, all the time.

Hailey and I also want to capture our personal journeys, as it happens. Backpacking through remote wilderness is always a wild adventure. We hope that our experiences will invoke a spirit of wanderlust. Encouraging others to get out and explore Iceland’s untouched wilderness.

You don’t have to freeze in the northern Atlantic rain to experience the best of Iceland’s Highlands though. Those who prefer to experience it from the comfort and safety of their living room will relive the exact same moments we experienced, captured in the most immersive way

We believe this immersive experience capture by state of the art 360° cameras will inspire others to want to protect Iceland’s Highlands. That they too will encourage their friends and their families to help protect this unbelievable environment.

Filming the Trans Namibia Expedition.

In With the “NEW” BUT We’re Still Keeping the “OLD”.

Virtual reality will never replace the artful eye of a filmmaker. Seeing a landscape through the lens of an outdoor enthusiast will never be overrated. Hailey and I are a duo on a mission. We will be capturing all the 360° footage in tandem with film and photos to tell the entire story.

It’s no easy task to capture this kind of variety of content, especially in one of the most remote places on our planet. It won’t be easy but it will be effective.

We will be posting regular updates of our journey. From planning, training, packing and logistics, to satellite updates of our progress in the highlands, and finally where you can see all of our content.

Hailey and Ryan with their Backpacks in the Iceland Highlands.
Hailey and Ryan in Iceland in 2017 backpacking the Laugavegur Trail.

Our Team is BIG and it’s Growing!

Hailey and myself would like to thank Mountain Life Media’s, Below Zero Magazine. Below Zero will be sharing and distributing exclusive content of our trip and distributing it across Canada. We would also like to thank Arc’teryx for providing us with the equipment we need to stay safe. Pulling off our mission without having to worry about being wet or cold while we do it.

We also want to thank Thomas Pinnington, Heather Brant, Kevin Clifford, Michelle and David Playfair, David Ferber, Jonas Beyer, Rebekah Richardson, Leanne Richardson, and Sandra Smith. We can’t pull this off alone, so thank you.

Thank you for your continued support on the monumental project. Please visit our GoFunMe page to consider donating.

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