5 Podcasts Guaranteed to Amp up Your Running

A peak into my podcast library

Did you set new goals for 2019? Did you create a Vision Board to help you stay on track?

When out on a training run or at my desk working these podcasts have kept me motivated and focussed on my goals! I enjoy hearing about what’s going on in the running community as it reminds me that regardless of status, we are all working hard chasing our own dreams!

Here are a few podcast that I’m really loving at the moment.

Talk Ultra Podcast

Hosted by Ian Corless, the Talk Ultra Podcast was my first introduction to podcasts. He focuses on interviewing incredible elite runners from around the world. He keeps us up-to-date on the latest wins from the greatest races out there. You can expect interviews from top athletes with a recap of the races they’ve won, how they might have trained, or what races they have coming up. Chances are if there is something happening in the ultra world Ian will touch on it. My list of “Must-Do Races” continues to grow after listening to this podcast! Ian is also an amazing photographer, check out his photos on Instagram!

Talk Ultra has been around since 2012 and there are approximately 170 episodes to date. Enjoy!

Bonus: I have Ian’s book and its incredibly inspiring!!

The Ginger Runner Podcast

The Ginger Runner started in 2014 and has been very consistent in providing the listener with almost 250 episodes to dig into! Ethan Newberry is the host and he connects us to some of the best ultra runners on the planet! The goal of the podcast is to inspire you to get out and tackle whatever goals you’ve set for yourself!

Ethan covers a variety of helpful and motivational information on each episode for all levels of runners. Each episode will update you with running news, tips, advice, and race reports. Each episode lasts on average around an hour. As a trail runner, I appreciate that many of the interviews are about elite trail runners. However, road runners can also be inspired and motivated with all the great info here.

Billy Yang Podcast

Billy Yang started his podcast in 2017 however he is probably most famous for his incredible film making skills!! I have spent some time on the treadmill watching his youtube channel!

There are only 27 podcasts to date however there is so much detailed information about the people that he interviews. Having only recently come across his podcast I am enjoying catching up and learning so much about some of the ultra runners I am already following and inspired by. I very much appreciate how Billy captures more of who the person is, rather than just what they have accomplished.

Running For Real Podcast

The Running For Real Podcast is hosted by Tina Muir and covers topics relating to health, wellness and of course, running! Each podcasts helps us share in the highs and lows of the guests as well as provide us with tangible take aways to help us in our own health and running journeys. Tina is a mom and can relate to a female athlete that needs to juggle life. She focusses on the whole runner by including scientists, sports psychologist, dieticians, elite runners, strength training coaches and the average runner.

Podcasts go back to 2017 with over 100 episodes to choose from! The majority of the episodes last around one hour.

Are you Building Yourself up or Tearing Yourself Down?

The Shakeout Podcast

Last but certainly not least on my list of 5 podcasts guaranteed to amp up your running, The Shakeout Podcast!

The editors of Canadian Running Magazine interview runners (many Canadian) and share their stories! I feel like I am more informed about the running community at large when I tune in to this podcast. As a female Canadian ultra runner I find myself motivated to train harder and continue to dream big with my goals, as a result of this podcast!

In iTunes these podcasts date back to 2017 offering 94 episodes to enjoy!

Do you have a favourite podcast you listen to? Please share as I would love to add to my library.

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