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If you’re anything like me, you’re probably always keep an eye out for inspiring images that provoke questions like; “How the hell did she take this?”, “Where in the world is this?”, “Why have I never seen this before?”. Here are 8 outdoor photographers you should be following, photographers that provoke those questions.

Zach Baranowski

Zach Baranowski is a breath of fresh air when scrolling through your feed in search of outdoor photography inspiration. The ever popular “moody” or “doom and gloom” vibe that is massively popular on social media can be such a drag. Zach’s approach to his nature photography is intentionally warm, vibrant, and hopeful. Zach’s photography is the solution to everything wrong that you’re seeing on Instagram right now.

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Alex Buisse

Alex Buisse manages to make me ask this question to myself every single day… “Why I’m not living in Chamonix, France”? Alex’s adventures in the mountains around Chamonix are seriously intense. The coolest part about his day to day adventures are the epic photos that he manages to capture along the way. Alex’s outdoor photography will have you booking a flight to Chamonix, France in no time.

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Tim Banfield

Tim Bandfield’s photos have the ability to transport you through time and space. Placing you right in the middle of the action, at the precise moment in time where he pressed the shutter release of his camera. Tim is not only an incredibly talented photographer. He’s also a strong athlete who actively participates in the activities that he’s shooting. It’s not enough to be an observer. Tim really throws himself into the middle of the chaos, and refuses to put his camera away when conditions get tough. Tim Banfield is an outdoor photographer you should be following.

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Myke Hermsmeyer

If you’ve ever picked up an Outside Magazine, Trail Runner Mag, or if you follow basically any pro ultra-runner, chances are, you’ve seen Myke Hermsmeyer’s outdoor photography. Myke manages to make “event coverage” look like a million dollar commercial photoshoot. Myke’s ability to cover realtime events in extremely inhospitable environments is seriously impressive.

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Ian Corless

Sometimes photographers wish they could be a “fly on the wall”. This isn’t the case for Ian Corless. Ian would rather run up a mountain, and throw himself right into the middle of the action. Ian’s unique understanding and experience in the sport that he shoots, gives him unparalleled insight. That insight, combined with his vision, creates absolutely stunning imagery.

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Jeff Skalla

I just discovered Jeff Skalla, and I’m really stoked about it. I’ve been binging on his photos, wishing that I was back in Utah! Most of Jeff’s work features athletes bouldering all over beautiful landscapes in the South-west. I really like how Jeff posts his RAW images beside his final images. It’s really a unique look behind the lens. The original RAW photos reveal a “behind-the-scenes” perspective into what Jeff was seeing when he created the photos.

Mathis Dumas

Mathis Dumas is badass. He’s often summiting massive peaks and flying off mountains, I mean, literally flying off of them. Dumas has a really well rounded mix of beautiful mountain portraits, intense high action adventure shots, and really surreal “in-between” moments. The in-between moments that Mathis captures in his outdoor photography are among my favourite photos.

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Philipp Reiter

Philipp Reiter, making adventures in the mountains fun again. Reiter is an ultra-runner turned photographer. Philipp seems to have just as much fun running the races, as he does photographing them. However, As the seasons change in the mountains, the sports that Reiter shoots inevitably do as well; running, turns into skiing. No matter the sport though, Philipp always manages to capture moments in the outdoors beautifully.

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Who are some other outdoor photographers that make you want to grab your camera and throw yourself at the outdoors? Let us know below!


  1. Hey Ryan! Awesome to see some great outdoor photographers featured here. However, I was hoping to see a couple (or any?) female photographers featured as well, and I feel like you could maybe expand your list next time to include a few!
    Here’s a few id recommend checking out:
    Or even myself, as I’m also a pro sports photog! @thehilaryann

    Regardless, it would just be rad to see more badass female photogs recognized.

    1. Hey Hilary, love this comment. I am already huge fan of your photography! My partner Hailey is funnily enough working on a follow-up article to this one. Highlighting exactly that, female photographers in the outdoors. The female photographers that most inspire me overlap with Hailey. The intent wasn’t to overlook any female photographers from this list, just to reserve them for the next one that Hailey has been working on.

      Thank you for the feedback. Keep an eye out for the article soon! 🙂 – Ryan

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