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Nestled in the Norwegian Arctic, there’s a place where you can interact with the sweetest reindeer that look like they’re straight out of a Christmas movie. The best part? There’s over 300 of them. If you find yourself in Tromsø, Norway you need to consider going on a reindeer tour.

Yes you heard right, 300 reindeer.

The reindeer vary in all sorts of sizes and colours with a few of them being pure white.

Not only can you see the reindeer but you can hand feed them, play with them, and even get pulled on a sled under the gorgeous northern lights.

Sounds almost too good to be true right?

I promise you that this is a real thing.

The Reindeer Tour

The whole experience is offered through an amazing Norwegian tour company called Tromsø Arctic Reindeer. The business is operated by a traditional Sami family who are reindeer herders. The reindeer camp is located just outside of the arctic city of Tromsø, Norway.

Sami culture is ancient and its people have been thriving in extreme cold temperatures for over 5000 years. Sami people can be found across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

This Sami family in particular has been living with the reindeer for thousands of years. The family is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of arctic living and caring for these animals.

I was fortunate to be gifted one a reindeer tour when I was visiting Tromsø and it was seriously such a privilege to have been invited into the Sami people’s world and observe their way of living.

Each tour is different but I would highly recommend the sledding tour if you are there in Winter.

I was there shortly before the snow began to fall so I did the reindeer feeding and Sami culture tour, which was absolutely worth it!

The Experience

When we arrived to the reindeer camp, we were greeted by the family members and taken in to the large gamme (hut). There was warm fire going which was so nice as it was extremely cold outside. After a short introduction to the family and receiving information about the reindeer, we began the reindeer tour. We went outside and we were greeted by 300 hungry reindeer!

We were able to hand feed the reindeer and play with them for over an hour. It was such an amazing experience to interact with these animals especially in such a beautiful arctic setting surrounded by mountains.

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After we were finished playing with the reindeer, we were invited back into the gamme for a hot lunch and coffee made over the fire. The lunch was a traditional Sami dish but we could not eat it because we are vegan. The family actually prepared a vegan option for us instead which was so delicious and nice of them to be accommodating!

The rest of the afternoon was spent snuggled up in blankets around the fire. We passed around Sami clothing and objects to observe while we listened to stories. We were also taught all about reindeer herding and Sami history.

*If you want to learn more about the reindeer tours, check out Arctic Tromso Reindeer.

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