Giant Cave Discovery Being Kept Secret from Instagram

Efforts are being made to avoid a flock of “Instagram tourists”. A giant cave discovery in British Columbia, Canada.

The general location of the discovery was made in Well’s Grey Provincial Park. The exact location of the giant cave is a secret. With many tourist destinations around the world insisting the public refrain from “geo-tagging” popular sites and locations.  In an effort to stop heavy traffic as a result of Instagram users recreating popular photos found on their feeds.

Why Instagram?

A few years ago Instagram changed their application. The news feed changed to a feed that curates what you see. Instagram uses an algorithm to do this your feed. However, Instagram users quickly learned that you can recreate the popular photos they see in their feed. When you recreate a popular photo, Instagram has the data to know the photo performed well (meaning it was sharable). Therefore when someone posts a similar photo, that photo will be favoured by Instagram and pushed on more feeds.

The cycle continues and Instagram users recreate popular photos at popular tourist destinations. In their attempts to one day become Instagram famous. The heavy foot traffic created by “blowing out” specific destinations on Instagram, has been grim for particular environments.

I’ve personally witnessed the impact of tourist destinations along the south coast of Iceland and in the interior highlands. Page Arizona has also been busy over-developing to support Instagram users’ access to Horseshoe Bend.

The future of the cave.

With this recent discovery, cave researchers and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society are hoping they can protect the location from tourists. The flocking of tourists to a site like this will delay the progress of the teams hoping to explore it. There are two upcoming expeditions already planned.

According to the RCGS the cave is pretty massive by North American standards. Measuring 330 feet by 200 feet, and no idea of how deep the giant cave might go.

Hopefully the researchers can continue to explore this exciting new discovery in some peace. Before, like many other things, Instagram negatively impacts it.

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