Trail Tip Tuesday – Winter Wonderland, Now What?

Winter Has Arrived – well for some of us!

Depending on where you live, you may have woken up to a blanket of the white stuff. I woke up a little earlier than usual and took advantage of the extra time to get my run done early!

Winter Running

As I was getting ready to head out the door I quickly assessed the best running attire for the conditions. It’s snowing, not much of the light fluffy snow but the heavier, mixed with some rain kind of snow. The temperature was actually quite nice, hovering around 0 degrees (celsius) with no noticeable wind. The ground was covered with snow hiding the pockets of puddles beneath it.

Two things came to mind: staying dry(ish) and shoes.

My mid-week runs can vary from trails to road/sidewalk running, often a mix of both during the same run! This morning I grabbed my trail shoes for two reasons: traction and they were dirty!! Although still half asleep, I saw an opportunity to clean them! What better way to clean your summer trail shoes, then some fresh clean snow. In addition to trail shoes I threw on a long sleeve (merino wool) shirt, light leggings, light weight (breathable, water resistant) jacket, a rimmed hat, and light gloves.

Tip 1: Trail shoes can give you added traction in the snow, more so than your regular road running shoes. Don’t go buy new trail shoes if you only run on the sidewalks as I will also wear regular running shoes through the winter. However, on some days you should consider adding MICROspikes or Yaktrax Run to help provide more traction especially when the conditions are icy. The bonus of a trail shoe is they are usually not as “meshy” on top of the shoe so they can help keep your feet a little drier longer. This is fine for shorter runs but investing in a decent Gore-tex shoe will help keep your feet drier and warmer on very cold/long runs. Often shoe brands will carry a Gortex option for wet, winter running.

Tip 2: When temperatures are not freezing a rimmed hat can help keep the snow off your face. Even when the thermometer dips you can add a Buff or Headband to cover your ears, this will provide the extra warmth that you might need. I usually wear a Buff around my neck so I have easy access to pull it up over my ears if it is required.

It was a beautiful morning run. I hope you get a chance to get outside today.

I’m curious how many people head indoors for running in the winter? Or do you continue to run outside all winter long?

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