Save Money While Traveling with this Purchase Under $100.00

It's not glamorous and I never promised it will save you time, but if you're looking to save a buck or two, you need to invest in one of these...

In the past year, I’ve traveled A LOT. I’ve traveled so much that I was only in my apartment once during the summer. It’s safe to say that I’ve been away more times than I’ve been home.

Traveling is just, well, part of my gig. I’ve designed my life so I can work for myself and have my ‘office’ situated in the great outdoors. On the business side of things, I’m a small business owner and will share with you that there’s been numerous occasions where I’ve been strapped for cash. On that note, I recognize the importance of intentional spending.

For most of us, one of the biggest expenses of being on the road so often is food. To be completely honest, food on the road is the bane of my existence and I loathe this aspect of traveling. Eating wouldn’t be such a big issue for me if I only traveled once a year to an all inclusive resort. Such is not the case and I’ve had to adapt my nutrition routines to fit my life on the road.

I’ll tell you one thing that’s for certain.

I really don’t like spending money on food.

I repeat,

I don’t like spending money on food.

The fact of the matter is, nutrition should always be number one. Whether you’re doing a 10 day trek in Patagonia or a thirty day road trip from Canada to Mexico, nutrition should always be your top priority.

With that being said, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars on food while you are traveling.

The Item

With the right planning, you will save yourself a ton of dough in a year if you buy this one item.

Ready for it?

The item is a food dehydrator.

You may be thinking,

“Is she serious? She made me read all of that to find out it’s a dehydrator? How is that going to help me?”

Hear me out!

It may sound like something your grandma has kicking around somewhere in her garage, but trust me, this item has relieved me of potential financial burdens.  Additionally, it has seriously put extra money back into my pockets.

The Proof

For example, this past June I traveled to the Yukon for a month. Do you know how expensive everything is up there? Produce alone is a small fortune. I prepared all of mine and my partner’s meals ahead of time and easily saved us at least $1200.00 combined for that trip.

Think about it, even if you’re just living off of Backpacker’s Pantry, one meal is $12.00 CAD. Multiply $12.00 by thirty days and that’s $360.00 for just dinners alone. Add in lunch and breakfast and you’re looking at close to $800.00 for your three basic meals and you still need snacks!

You can literally dehydrate just about anything. It can be a pain to make the effort to prepare everything in advance, but it will definitely free you from having to spend money on unwanted restaurant outings and surprise grocery visits.

If you know anything about dehydrators, you’re aware that they come in all different sizes and power. Basic dehydrators start from $60.00 and can jump anywhere to thousands of dollars. Mine was under $100.00 and I’ll most likely upgrade soon so I can dehydrate more food at once.

Reasons to Love It

The nice thing about dehydrating food is that you can practically eat as if you were at home and put nutritious meals into your body. I’m vegan, so regardless of not wanting to buy junk food on the go, I also usually can’t even find anything that’s vegan to eat. This situation reiterates why eating on the road is my actual nightmare. I never want to rely on ‘maybe being able to find something’. Let’s face it, if I can’t eat, I can’t create, and therefore I can’t produce exceptional work. Preparing meals has saved me from the anxiety of scrambling to find something only to end up eating junk.

Additionally, dehydrating food is a great practice for all sorts of travel. Heading to the woods for the weekend? Dehydrate your leftovers during the week and you’ll have lightweight meals ready to go for the weekend. Have a big stage race coming up? You can literally make all of your in-race nutrition in your kitchen months in advance and even train with it to get a feel for how much weight you’ll be carrying.

I know it may sound tedious and time consuming, but if you can eliminate the expense of food while traveling, I guarantee you that you will have extra money in your pockets to continue funding your trips.

Happy travels!

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