Gear Review: Arc’teryx V80 Rolling Duffle Has Wheels

Finally a duffle as tough as my job. I took the V80 rolling duffle with me to the desert and this is what I thought of it.

The Arc’teryx V80 Rolling Duffle Means Business

I take the new V80 Rolling Duffle to the desert on a photography assignment.

I’m an outdoor adventure photographer. Typically I don’t get too attached to material items. I’m just really hard on my equipment. Anything I take with me on a job is subject to falling out of a moving vehicle, getting destroyed by mud, and standing up to extreme climates. So taking this new V80 rolling duffle with me to Arizona would be a good test.


It usually won’t take me long to figure out if a new piece of equipment is going to work for me or not. If gear or equipment can survive a few days in the field with me on a job, I take notice quickly.

Tougher than Jeep.

I take two bags with me when I travel. Bringing only my camera bag, and one duffle bag. I travel lightweight to stay extremely mobile, efficient, and flexible. There-fore I’m able to do my job more effectively. Not to mention, space is usually limited. Because I was camping out of a Jeep for the duration of my trip, I only had a little bit of room. Using my duffle, I packed all my clothing, extra layers, and all of my camping equipment.

There was another photographer on this assignment. The other photographer closed the Jeep trunk door on my bag V80 rolling duffle, right on the aluminum frame. Instead of the bag getting damaged from the Jeep door, the Jeep door was actually damaged instead the duffle. My friend jokingly said “Dude, your duffle bag is literally tougher than our Jeep”!

Man walking in Monument Valley with rolling duffle.

Some of my favourite features.

By far my favourite feature on the duffle are the oversized wheels intended for rough terrain. Sometimes I’d set my eyes on a spot to set up camp that our 4×4 couldn’t access, that would typically mean lugging gear from our Jeep. Then we would have to hike with our gear up to a kilometer away. Carrying all of my heavy camp gear to a remote campsite is the last thing I want to do after a long day of shooting. The V80 rolling duffle has big off-roading wheels made for all kinds of terrain. I can take the bag just about anywhere and make setting up remote campsites a breeze.

Another feature I like are the interior compression straps. I can tear down camp, throw everything into the bag and use the compression straps to hold everything in one place. There-fore, eliminating the need to spend more time packing and unpacking.

Most importantly, the weather resistant nylon and the seam sealed zippers do their job weatherproofing the duffle. Believe it or not, I set up camp in the rain 5 out of 10 nights. Weather is unpredictable, even in deserts. Because my duffle holds all of my warm layers, and my sleeping bag, it’s crucial that the contents stay dry.

I can’t wait to use the Arc’teryx V80 rolling duffle on an upcoming assignment in Norway. I’ll write a follow up blog to see how it fares in winter conditions.

Pictures by Hailey Playfair of Life Outside Studio

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