If You’re Not Moving, You’re Dead – Adam Campbell Recounts His Accident, Recovery, and Revelations

“I get this very clear image of the mountains flipped upside down and I remember thinking how strange it was that this was probably the last thing I was ever going to see”  -Adam Campbell   In Constant Motion

The chilling words of Adam Campbell as he recalls his near-fatal accident on August 30th 2016, sent shivers down our spines. We have trouble grasping how it’s possible that he is alive and standing in front of us sharing his story.

Adam Campbell is an elite trail runner who currently resides in Canmore, Alberta. Campbell holds tons of records (yes, including Guinness World Records), and maintains podium status at endurance events around the globe. Adam’s love for both the mountains and moving through them led him to Roger’s Pass, BC, where his life was nearly stolen from him due to a loose rock hold. Adam suffered a severe fall when he was attempting a traverse of the 14 peaks with two other world renowned ultra runners and close friends.

Consequently, Adam’s accident caused severe damage to his body; the injuries included 4 broken vertebrae, a crushed iliac crest, deep lacerations to the bone, and the insertion of two titanium rods to support his broken back.

Adam’s perseverance throughout his recovery is truly remarkable as he committed to overcoming his limitations and chose to not let his accident hinder his athletic pursuits. Adam used the incident as fuel to continue challenging himself and pushing his limits while he participates in endurance sports in the outdoors.

Special thanks to Arc’teryx Toronto and Arc’teryx Yorkdale for hosting this incredible event and to Adam Campbell. We were extremely fortunate to hear Adam’s story first hand and immerse ourselves into his memories from the near-fatal incident, his persistence during his recovery, and his victories post-accident.

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