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Is Your MoJo Lacking?

Whether you are training for a big event or you run as a way to get some cardio in, you will likely find yourself getting in a bit of a rut or lacking “umph” to get out the door.

Let us help you get out of your funk if you find yourself lacking motivation!

Grab a Friend

Reality is, if you make plans with a friend, you’re more likely to get your run done. Try making a weekly commitment with a friend to hold each other accountable. Don’t have a friend to run with? Consider joining a local run club and meet new runners.

Another option is to connect with some local fitness groups online. Check with the group administrator and see if you can organize a meet and greet fun run. My suggestion is commit to meeting more than one runner if you are just getting to know people.

I have personally done this and it worked out perfectly. There are lots of runners who would love to get out on the trails but do not feel safe to get out on their own.

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Early Morning / After Work Running:

Find it hard to get out the door while it is still dark or have great intentions to get out as soon as you get home from work but end of being to tired?

Lay out your run clothes before you go to bed. When the alarm goes off roll out of bed immediately before your brain has a chance to argue. Get dressed, throw your shoes on and go!

If you know you are going to be rushed for time then being prepared before bed will help you save time and get it done!

The other option is to pack a bag with everything you need for a run. Bring it with you to work and at the end of the day change before you get in your car to go home. Stop somewhere before you get home, maybe a nice spot that you wouldn’t otherwise get out to and run. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel to have it done before you get home and have to deal with dinner, homework, etc.

I’ve used both of these ideas to help me especially on what I know are going to be busy days. I’ve also split my long runs by going over my lunch hour and again after work before getting home.

The key is scheduling your runs. If my life gets busier than normal I have to look ahead and plan my runs accordingly. If I leave them to chance, especially my mid-week runs, I find myself missing them.

Do you like rewards?

Why not set up a reward for yourself? There are a few ways you can do this but here are two ideas I like.

  1. Reward Jar: consider paying yourself a small amount for every km you run or every run you get out for. This could be something like $0.10/km, $1/km or even $1/run. Choose a reward item that you want, mark down the price and watch that amount grow in your jar.
  2. Goal Race: pick a race that you want to do, make a plan to accomplish that particular goal and then figure out what your reward item will be. When you cross the finish line, reward yourself with your reward item.

We often hear how running is practically a free sport, all you need are running shoes and a place to run. On the very basic of levels this is true, however, ask almost any runner and there is gear that we have or want that is certainly not free or cheap for that matter.

I have found that the more experience I have with running the more I have learned about brands and products that I like. There is less buying at a whim and instead very specific items that I know I’d like.

What gear item would be top of your wish list?

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