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Most of us have fallen victim to the aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts of the kings of the outdoor brand industry that continuously keep us scrolling through their grids as they convince us that we need their products. With companies such as Patagonia with 3.5 million followers and Salomon with almost half a million, it’s increasingly harder for the little guys to make noise in the oversaturated outdoor gear market that exists online.

It’s remarkable how many outdoor companies there are out there that have amazing products that are incredibly sustainable but do not receive as much ‘hype’ as their larger competitors.

This article is all about shedding light on some companies that have unreal products that you might find insanely useful for your outdoor experiences.

To kick things off, this company is first because a great adventure just doesn’t exist without a good cup of Joe!

1. Kuju Coffee

One-Cup Pocket PourOver 10-Pack Bold Awakening
*Image from KujuCoffee.com

Kuju Coffee is quickly making a name for themselves in the outdoor industry. For all the coffee lovers out there, Kuju is handcrafted, premium java that not only tastes AMAZING, but is also super convenient to pack for the backcountry, road trips, or any activity in general.

You might be thinking:

Ok, but Starbucks Instant tastes fine enough and is convenient?

The difference is that Kuju eliminates the need to bring boring instant coffee when you could be enjoying quality, flavourful coffee on your adventures. How does the company do this? Kuju created ‘pocket pour overs’ a one cup pouch that include both a small filter that attaches to your mug, and ground coffee. The pocket pour overs are tiny, portable, and come with about 10 in a box.

If you’re not convinced yet, it’s evident that the company cares about where its’ beans are sourced from. Kuju’s coffee is ethically sourced from a farm that employs previous sex-trafficking victims. Additionally they donate 1% to the National Park Foundation.

Yeah, we’ve already purchased 10 boxes. 

2. Humming Bird Hammocks

Single Hammock Sunset Orange
*Image from HummingBirdHammocks.com

There’s nothing better than coming to camp after a long day of hiking and ‘vegging out’ between two pines in a comfy hammock. This idea is super appealing, but in reality, we usually forego the hammock to eliminate extra weight in our packs.

Luckily, Humming Bird Hammocks has offered us a super great solution to the weight issue by producing quality hammocks that are ultralight weight. In fact, the hammocks are actually 30% lighter than most making the hammocks the lightest available on the market.

The hammocks fit nicely into a small stuff sack so that they are incredibly convenient to throw in your pack and bring with you on your adventure. You may be wondering what kind of material is keeping you safe while above the ground that’s so light weight?

Humming Bird Hammocks uses premium, hand-picked materials that are mostly Military Spec. To give you a better idea, the company uses the same fabric that skydiving and base jumping parachute systems use so we know they’re safe!

Not only does the company offer lightweight, premium hammocks, they also design rain tarps, bug nets, and apparel.

3. LuminAID

PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger
* image from luminAID.com

To assist with the aftermath of the horrific earthquake in Haiti, two architecture grad students created LuminAID in order to bring light to the tent cities. Since then, LuminAID has served as a critical technology for disaster relief efforts and has supplied thousands and thousands of products to assist NGO’s such as Doctors Without Borders.

LuminAID’s PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger is the perfect companion for backcountry camping trips, overnight hikes, and pretty much any kind of outdoor activity. The Packlite Hero is a 6″ cube that compresses into 1″, weighing in at 10 ounces so it incredibly lightweight and portable. This product in particular, is amazing as it has 5 brightness settings and an emergency SOS feature. Not only is it bright, the PackLite Hero is waterproof and inflatable. The product has 100 hour runtime, and recharges with the sun. The PackLite Hero also acts as a phone charger and will recharge your 2-3 times on a single charge.

For it’s weight, the LuminAID PackLite Hero is an outstanding safety device to bring along on your adventure!


4. VSSL- Outdoor Utility Tools

VSSL Supplies - Suunto Edition - VSSL Direct
*Image from vsslgear.com

Speaking of safety, this company is the pack leader when it comes to transporting your outdoor emergency gear efficiently and without compromise. VSSL is an Outdoor Utility Tools company that has completely innovated the concept of a flashlight. Essentially, each VSSL is a cylinder that utilizes the obsolete space inside as storage for all of your other survival gear. One end of the VSSL serves as a practical LED flashlight and the other as a Suunto KB-14 Compass. Consumers can either build their own VSSL or purchase a VSSL that is pre-made and tailored to different emergency situations, e.g. VSSL First Aid,  VSSL Shelter, etc.

The VSSLs come packed with emergency supplies, stored in tins, such as rope, fire starter, first aid kit, zip ties, trail markers, etc. The ‘build your own’ feature is so awesome because you can tailor the VSSL to fit your outdoor needs.


5. Bearded Brothers

* Image from beardedbros.com

Who doesn’t love discovering new convenience food to fuel adventures? Bearded Brothers is the answer to our energy bar prayers. Bearded Brothers’ bars are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, 100% organic, no-added sugar, and taste AMAZING.

The best part about the bars?

They’re jam packed with superfoods that are able to keep their nutrients  because the bars are dehydrated at a low heat of 115 degrees. With yummy flavours like bodacious Blueberry Vanilla, Radical Raspberry Lemon, and Mega Maca-Chocolate, Bearded Brothers will forever be your go-to bar when you’re hitting the trails or heading out for a road trip.


6. Dolfinpack


* image from dolfinpack.com

Dolfinpack is hands downs the future of hydration packs. The innovative pack functions in any outdoor scenario, yes that includes underwater. Dolfinpacks are 100% waterproof, and are encouraged to be warn for your water activities. The packs are high quality and include a 1.5L BPA FREE water reservoir.  Dolfinpacks are super light weight, in fact they are the lightest hydration vest on the market.

Not only should the Dolfinpacks be used in the water, the hydration vests are incredibly practical for endurance sports such as running, skiing and snowboarding, and biking.

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