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What!? Summer is just coming to a close and you want me to already be thinking of race goals for 2019!!

YES, and here’s why!

Choosing your goal race for 2019 now is a good idea if you want to save money.

If you are thinking about what big goal race you want to do in 2019, you should be deciding now what that will be. It is not unusual for races to offer early bird registrations, with a decent discount if you commit early, like way early!

Other advantages to knowing your goal race, especially if travelling, is securing cheaper flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. Additionally, simply making the commitment early allows you to focus on your commitment and put training as a priority.

7 ways to help you succeed

  1. Know Your Why- This is a big one! Knowing your why will get you out the door on the days (and yes they will come) that you do not want to train!
  2. Count the Cost- First and foremost, does the timing of this race goal work with your current life dynamics? Can you commit to the training required and the possible expenses if the race is not local? Can you train on your own or do you need a coach (additional expense)? What restrictions might the race have, like cut-offs, payment deadlines, etc?
  3. Commit! Signing up is you making a commitment to yourself that you are all in!
  4. Write it down- Once you’ve picked a race and counted the cost then write it down! I personally like a wall calendar or agenda BUT using your phone or computer calendar works just as well! By writing it down it helps solidify the goal. Plus, using the calendar allows you to write your training schedule out.
  5. Work Backwards- How much time do I need to train? 16weeks? 20 weeks? a full year? Depending on your fitness level and your goal you will need to figure this out.  A couch to 5K can be done with a 16-20 week timeframe. If you’ve got a decent running background training for a full marathon could be done with a 20 week training plan. A multi-day adventure or stage race you likely will want a minimum of 9 months to train.
  6. Pick Your Training Plan- Whether you hire a coach, join a local running club or find a great training plan online, you want to commit to a training plan. If you leave it to chance you will quickly find yourself missing runs and/or workouts because life is busy!
  7. Set Yourself Up for Success- You know yourself best! Are you a morning person? Yes? Get out and run early! Do you need accountability? Sign up for a running clinic or enlist a friend to run with you. Are you motivated by rewards? Reward yourself for your commitment to training once a month with a fitness gift OR pampering gift, etc. If you think you are afraid you are to busy, schedule your workouts in like appointments and do not cancel. Figure out what you need ahead of time and keep your why in front of you!

Whatever your goal is COMMIT to it, BELIEVE you can do it and do not give up on yourself!!

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