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There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep under the stars in the backcountry after a strenuous day of hiking. A solid eight hour REM cycle, breathing in fresh alpine air comfortably snuggled up next to your partner sounds like pure wilderness bliss. In a perfect world, we would sleep soundly every time we crawl into a tent, however, in reality, for many of us our nights outside are often restless. Uneven ground, deflating air mattresses, selfish partners hogging 2/3’s of the space, and ceaseless shivers are the common elements that keep interrupting our long awaited snooze.

My partner and I are all too familiar with such discomforts. We’ve spent several tenting occasions wide awake and irritated with one another due to bad sleeping setups, resulting in absolute exhaustion for our next day of hiking. If you and your partner are anything like us, you want to look forward to to a good night’s sleep in the outdoors together, rather than dread the idea of it.

What if I told you that you can achieve a solid night’s rest whilst cuddling your partner in backcountry heaven?

Please say goodbye to restless nights and arguments. We have perfected sleeping outdoors and I promise you that we are about to improve your camping and trekking trips forever.

I introduce to you the NEMO Equipment TANGO DUO SLIM (Tango Duo Slim 30F/-1C & Slipcover 2P 20 – Regular … to be exact). We bought this bad boy to do the  Laugavegur Trail in Iceland and it has been absolute game changer for our adventures. The Tango Duo Slim is essentially a two person sleeping quilt that is pretty much the weight of a one person ultralight sleeping bag. It weighs 2 lbs, 9 oz making it an incredibly lightweight option for trekking or camping activities. The minimum temperature is 30 degrees F/ -1 degree celsius and has 700 fill power down with DownTek. It is comfy as hell and fits two 20 x 72 inch sleeping pads.


To really perfect our sleeping set up, we also purchased two of Nemo’s Astro Lite Sleeping Pads.  The pad is ultra lightweight and super plushy. It’s 3.5 inches thick and thank goodness does not curl like other sleeping pads often do. The pad is 1 lb, 3 oz  so times that by two and add the 2.9 lbs for the sleeping quilt and the whole set up is 5.5 lbs.  For us, the purchase of all three items has been invaluable to our wilderness activities and has proven to be worth every single penny. We have saved so much weight in our packs and have the most comfortable sleeps outside together.  The pads are incredibly durable easy to pack for a long outing into the woods.

Oh and for any of you wondering, to evenly divvy up the weight between our two packs, one of us will carry the entire sleeping system while the other carries our “kitchen” and food supplies.

To acknowledge any doubts you may be having…

When I first looked into the tango duo slim, I was hesitant about straying away from the traditional “sleeping bag” and going with a quilt. My skepticism about the warmth of the quilt versus a mummy bag proved itself wrong as the sleeping pads get you off of the cold ground and insulate you from underneath, using your own body heat to keep you warm.

That being said, there is major value still in sleeping bags and there is a time and a place, like winter expeditions. But for three season hiking and trekking trips, I wouldn’t ever feel the need to stray away from my perfectly warm and cozy quilt.

Enjoy your outdoor cuddles!


*For the Tango Duo Slim click here

*For the Astro Lite Sleeping Pad click here

*All photographs by Life Outside Studio


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