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CALLING ALL TRAIL RUNNERS, HIKERS, CLIMBERS, BIKERS, and everyone else in between, you need to hear why this one item will absolutely change your outdoor experience.

When I first picked up the Atom SL Hoody, the first thought that came to mind is, how on earth is this thing that weighs nothing supposed to keep me warm? I was heading to the Yukon to do some trail running and hiking primarily in, Kluane National Park ,so warmth was a large concern.  My next thought was, then again, it’s Arc’teryx and the company does just about everything right. so just try it on. 

To all my active ladies, if there was ever a layer that you NEED to own it’s the Atom SL hoody. The hoody is the sister to the Atom LT and I can assure you that out of the two, there is no question that the SL is everything you didn’t know you were looking for in a jacket.  You’ll instantly fall in love when you try it on and see how comfortable, soft, and flattering it is.


Now before we end up discussing how good it looks on everyone, let’s get into the technical side of why we love the Atom SL.


Weighing in at 235 g / 8.3 oz, the Atom SL takes the cake for the weight to warmth ratio. For any kind of activity where everything you bring on your back counts, the Atom SL is so incredibly light and eliminates the need to bring along a heavy fleece/ mid layer. It’s a great emergency layer to keep in your pack.  The hoody is so compact and rolls up super nicely, essentially it takes up hardly any space in your pack.



What’s amazing about the Atom SL Hoody is that it can be used for so many different occasions. Whether you’re starting a summer hike early in the morning before the sun is completely up, or getting closer to that windy summit in the afternoon and it’s getting breezy, the SL functions as an amazing outer layer to keep you warm and resist wind. Additionally, if you’re enjoying the outdoors in chillier temperatures, the SL works great as a mid layer to keep you toasty under a shell. It’s not meant to be a rain jacket, but the outer fabric uses a Durable Water Repelling finish that allows it to be moisture resistant and keeps you dry when it is lightly raining. The fabric is also incredibly fast drying.


What’s worse than having to continuously strip down layers and put them back on again when the temperature fluctuates? The Atom SL completely eliminates this time consuming process because it is so breathable.  The hoody is comprised of 40g/m² Coreloft™ Compact insulation and Torrent™ which is 84% polyester 16% elastane which are both extremely lightweight and breathable materials. This is important because it is air permeable will help keep you dry when you are sweating under a Gore-tex shell.



The designers really nailed this one, Arc’teryx refers to the design as ‘functional minimalism’ which is key for us who still care about the look of our clothing while we are carrying out our badass adventures. In order for it to be super light, the jacket is designed as simple as possible, so there is no need for any fancy ‘bells and whistles’, extra features, etc. The hoody is form fitting, not bulky, and is incredibly flattering on all builds.  Currently, the Atom SL Hoody comes in Black Sapphire, Rad (not a typo), Macaw (blue), Mauveine (purple), and Creekside (green).




Personally, I’ve done many trail runs, backpacking trips, and day hikes in the Yukon, the Canadian Rockies, and Coastal Mountains and I can honestly say that I will not leave the house for an outing without the Atom SL Hoody. Arc’teryx truly outdid themselves with this one and it is absolutely worth the cost to invest in this essential layer for your outdoor activities. The cost is $250 CAD and worth every single penny. Ditch your bulky fleeces and mid layers right now and please do yourself a favour and invest in this reliable piece!

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Click here to learn more about the Atom SL Hoody on Arc’teryx’ website


What are your thoughts on the Atom SL? What gear can you not leave home without?


*All photos by Life Outside Studio


  1. Excellent review! Could you wear this over a T shirt/LS top in 2-10C for ab hour plus run without overheating?

    Keep up the great work!

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