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A fjord is essentially a long narrow inlet with steep cliffs on either side. They’re created by glaciers, and are generally found closer to the poles. Many arctic and antarctic coastal countries such as Alaska, Norway, Greenland, and New Zealand, have hundreds and thousands of fjords along their shores. Northern Canada also has many gigantic fjords, what’s unique about this fjord in Quebec is how south in latitude it is. At 48 degrees North, the Saguenay fjord is one of the most southerly fjords in the northern hemisphere.


The trail systems surrounding both sides of the fjord are world-class. There are multiple accessible summits of nearby mountains, like the one pictured here, near the top of Montagne Blanche with 550 metres of elevation gain.

The park also offers some long distance hiking trails range from 27 kilometres in length to 41 kilometres. The trails are outfitted with primitive huts along the way, making the hike a little bit more enjoyable by eliminating the need lug around a tent.

There are also tons of backcountry camping spots located around various trails in the park. One camp is located just metres from a small sand beach, right along the water.


The highlight for me was being able to enjoy the beach and the smell of ocean spray after a long run along the top of the mountains adjacent to the ocean. The proximity of the trails to the water made running in the summer heat, a little more bearable and even refreshing.

The landscape was also very unique to the area, it reminded me of Vancouver Island… with lush greens, cascading waterfalls and a wide variety of plant life.


With many of the world’s most beautiful geographic attractions, there are often large crowds near by. Fortunately how ever, Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay was extremely quiet, and it was very easy to find trails and views where you could enjoy some solitude among nature.

Luckily, Canada has countless gems that haven’t yet been spoiled by tourism, and commercialism. This park certainly earns its’ spot among a long list of beautiful outdoor destinations in this incredible country.

Pictures by Life Outside Studio


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