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Bad Beaver Ultra is located  in the rolling hills of Gatineau Park, QC. The route climbs 3480 meters over the span of 150 kilometres… That’s greater than the 3450 meter climb from the basecamp of Mount Everest to its’ summit!

The race is a 3 day stage race completely unlike any race in the region. The course runs through 150km of the conservation’s 361 square kms of wilderness. The race directors, Ray Zahab and Matt Lef’evre, strategically laid the route to hit all the highlights of the park. Over the course of the event’s 3 days, runners will climb King Mountain, run along Champlain Lookout on the edge of the Canadian Shield, visit Mckenzie King Estate, crawl though Lusk Caves, and cool off by Pink Lake.


This is the Ultra’s third year, how ever it’s already drawn an international crowd with participants flying in from the lower 48 States, Australia, Germany, Italy, and Tokyo. The race has just recently become part of the UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc) qualifiers, scoring 4 points for completing. Many racers have found it to be a great training ground for other stage races such as the Grand 2 Grand Ultra, in Arizona/Utah.

“What makes the BBU so unique is the terrain. Wether it’s your “goal” race or a “training” race, there’s tons of elevation gain, with an extremely dynamic mix of terrain. The route itself highlights all of the best of the best that the park has to offer. Historically, Gatineau Park is so rich with significant landmarks, and its’ geographic anomalies, and the 150km course highlights all of it!” – Leanne Richardson – 3Beavers Race Manager 

The Race seemed to have had its’ desired affect. Jean-Mathiue Che’nier is a first time stage racer and after running a couple of Ultra races organized by 3Beavers Racing, he wanted to amp up the stakes.


Che’nier has experienced a a few 3Beavers races in the past, but nothing quite like this…

It was my first time participating in a stage race and I had the experience of a lifetime! The physical and mental challenge, the trails you discover, and the people you meet. For real, during those 3 days, I had the opportunity to do the things I love the most… running in the woods, connecting with some cool folks, and exploring the frontiers of my body and mind.

I’m telling you, the challenge was exhausting, but the rewards were priceless. The beauty of the trails we run on, the presence of the other runners lifting you up, and making you push through some excruciating pain. AND! The food at the end of the day… THE FOOD AT THE END OF THE DAY!!! A big shout out to everyone who made this whole thing possible, and especially a big one to the amazing team who captured these moments for us!” –  Jean-Mathiue Che’nier – Participant

Everyone that participated in race, from the organizers, to the runners, and the volunteers… Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire event. So with eleven months of training until the next annual race… Will we see you there?



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