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After wearing my Salomon Speedcross 4 runners in Iceland for the Laugavegur Trail, I knew I wanted to swap them out for something a little more comfortable in the future. The Speedcross 4 were fine for the first 40 kilometres of the Laugavegur, but after 2 days on the trail my feet were getting pretty raw, I actually ended up finishing the last 5 kilometres in my Crocs!

Arc’teryx released their new Norvan LD (Long Distance) running shoes, with the intention of creating a shoe for endurance focused running. Most of the running I planned to do in Alaska would be longer trails, ranging from five-eight hours in length. I thought I’d give them a shot!


My warm up run was in Canmore AB, where we started our long journey to Alaska. Myself and my partner Hailey ran up Mount Yamnuska, and around the back end of the mountain to make it a loop.

The shoes felt great. I hadn’t worn them yet, except for on our way to the airport, so after a day of running and breaking them in, I was really confident I’d be comfortable in them for the rest of the trip!


Once we arrived in Hyder, Alaska, we laced up and ran along Salmon Glacier for a few hours. It was difficult to not get distracted by the views of the valley, but it was a long way down, so it was best to pay attention!

I spent the next two weeks running on trails and climbing mountains along the boarder of Northern British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska. I wore more Norvan LD runners for every single run and I felt completely at home in them.

The Norvan LD are certainly intended for a different purpose than the Speedcross 4. If you’re looking for a more comparable shoe to the Speedcross from Arc’teryx, I’d recommend the Norvan VT.

See you on the trails!

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