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Fish River Canyon is located in the south of Namibia, near the boarder of South Africa. Measuring 27km wide, 160km long, and 550m deep, it’s Africa’s largest, and arguably most scenic canyon. It’s remote location has kept it safe from being over commercialized, in fact, it makes the Grand Canyon in the USA feel a little like Disney Land.

The Canyon has an official 4-5 day hiking trail that leads down to the ravine. Starting at Hobas campground, hiking 85km to Ai-Ais hot spring resort. The trail has no amenities, meaning you are 100 percent self reliant.

Google Earth Satellite Image.

Back in January when I was covering the Trans Namibia expedition, Ray Zahab and Stefano Gregoretti traversed the canyon from the east viewpoint, to the Fish River Lodge, on the west ledge of the canyon. It’s only 10km away as a bird flies, but it took them more than 14 hours, crossing over 40km on foot. Negotiating the rough terrain and route finding was the most challenging part. They spent most of the day following zebra tracks, hoping the tracks would lead out of the canyon.

Fish River Lodge, Namibia, Africa.

The Fish River Lodge sits right on the edge of the canyon, with a spectacular view. It’s the only infrastructure around the entire canyon. There’s a private airstrip where many of it’s guests fly into. After a long trip, and many nights spent in a tent, the lodge is a very welcomed luxury.

It’s without a doubt, one of the most wild places I’ve ever seen. It was special visiting a place as beautiful as this, seeing that it had been spared by tourism and commercialism. There a far too few natural wonders like this on earth, that haven’t been exploited by tourism.

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