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I don’t have nearly enough hands to count how many times I’ve missed an unreal shot while I’m out hiking because my camera has been tucked away in my pack during an epic scramble. Additionally, there’s been so many occasions where I’ve held up the group I’m with because I NEEDED to capture that awesome viewpoint but first had to rummage through my bag and unravel the layers that were protecting my camera.

Maybe this way of taking photos on your outings is the only camera setup you know so you might not even realize how much of a time consumer it truly is. I can assure you that whether your thing is hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or even just sightseeing, this one little item will instantly up your photo game and restore a piece of your sanity while you’re out on your adventure.

My friends, the Capture Clip by Peak Design is the answer to your photography prayers. There are no straps or buckles involved with the clip (thank goodness). The clip is the simplest gadget to use and seriously clips on to any backpack strap. You can easily interchange the clip to fit any bag you might use while you’re out exploring and have your camera ready to snap some shots within milliseconds.


The Capture Clip has only a two parts to it: The clip itself and a tiny plate to screw into your camera- that’s it, that’s all!  For any of you who might be worried about your camera detaching from the clip, fear not! It’s accident proof. Your camera is completely secured,  it will lock into the clip which makes it physically impossible for your camera to release itself.


The best part about Capture is definitely being able to have instant access to your camera. This luxury instantly makes for better photographs because you’ll actually be able to shoot without having to pause your activity to get out your camera. Trust me, you’ll be able to capture dozens of authentic photographs by not having to re-create the moment with your subject because you weren’t ready.

I like to use the Capture Clip with my Sony a6300 for any sort of activity that requires light travel. It’s the perfect setup for long distance trekking and trail running.  The clip can hold up to 200 pounds and fits and works with any kind of camera so definitely do not shy away from using for any sort of serious shoot. 

To keep my setup even more simple, I’ve ditched my neck strap and have switched to Peak Design’s Clutch hand strap to really be able to grab and shoot.

I hope this little gadget will help you all with your photo game as much as it’s helped me!

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